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Posted by Helen Clifton on Tuesday 27.8.2013

“I’ve learned how to listen, and how to interact with other people. I think it’s important because if you don’t listen you don’t learn.” Hassan, pupil at Kingsley Community School

The project was keen to find out the views of young people living in an inner-city area.

The best way to do this was to get a group of young people to investigate their own good society, and report back in their own words.

Journalist Helen Clifton worked with Year 5 pupils at Kingsley School to produce their own newspaper documenting what is good about the Toxteth community.


The title, the Kingsley Kanga News, was chosen by the pupils.

Mock ‘press conferences’ were set up with staff members including receptionist Miss Lee and teacher Miss Hughes.

The children came up with their own questions, themed along the lines of, ‘What’s GOOD about working at Kingsley?’

Many were surprised at some of the staff members’ answers.

Constable Jamal Al-Shabazz arranged for local police community support officers Jane Delevingne and Chris Kelly, along with a local officer, to come into the school.

For many of the children, the police are a constant but misunderstood presence in Toxteth, so they were fascinated to be able to ask them direct questions.

Armed with their notebooks, the group were then ready to leave the school and go out into the community to report on their neighbourhood.

The group was split into three, and used their skills to investigate how and why three local projects benefit the area.

These were Growing Granby, an allotment and orchard project;

The Unity Youth Centre, a youth project which provides structured sports activities, computer facilities, and mentoring for thousands of local children;

And Granby Care Home, which is also the base for the Reading Project, a scheme that aims to bring people together through a shared love of books.


All the quotes, facts and other information the pupils gathered were then used to create news and feature stories about the different community projects.

The children also interviewed each other to find out what is good and bad about living in Toxteth.

The Kingsley Kanga News was delivered to the school, and has also been distributed to the community projects it features.

You can read about the different sections of the paper on the rest of the blog.

Click on the image below to download a full copy of the newspaper.





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