Preparing for the General Election: A 2020 vision of the Good Society

Posted by Dave Chadwick on Monday 23.2.2015

Houses of Parliament

With the General Election fast approaching, 2015 is a year of decision.

Our churches have a major role to play – not just in hosting hustings meetings – but in sharing a positive ‘2020 Vision’ of the kind of ‘Good Society’ we want to help create, locally, nationally and globally over the five years of the next parliament.

In 2015, a broad coalition of Christian denominations and agencies – including Church Action on Poverty, Church Urban Fund, the Childrens’ Society and Housing Justice – are encouraging churches across the country to take up the theme of a ‘2020 Vision of the Good Society’ with MPs and prospective candidates in the run up to the General Election.

A ‘2020 Vision of the Good Society’ statement has been produced under the auspices of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland out of a common desire to see a society that works for all – in which each of us are valued and which respects the Earth. In short – a society for the common good.

You can download the document, as well as get advice on running a hustings on the dedicated election website at You can also search for a hustings in your constituency and register your own event.



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