Toxteth, an inner city area in south Liverpool, has been associated with deprivation and social unrest since the 1981 and 2011 riots.

Yet community spirit is strong and social enterprises thrive; waves of immigrants from Ireland, the West Indies, Somalia and Yemen have created an historically multicultural community proud of its diversity and heritage.

Allotment and orchard project Growing Granby, the Unity Youth Centre and Granby Children’s Centre provide opportunities for young people, and a sense of pride.

Many people are working hard to change perceptions of Toxteth.

The Good Society project teamed up with Year 5 pupils to create a newspaper that would document the good news coming out of the area.

Written entirely the pupils themselves, the newspaper, dubbed ‘The Kingsley Kanga News’ investigates some of the successful community projects having a huge impact on the area, and talks to some of the people who live and work in Toxteth.

In addition, the young journalists told the newspaper what they love about their neighbourhood – and what could be better.

The journalists were not only given a chance to tell the story of where they live; they were also given a voice on the issues that matter to them, and learned a lot about what makes a strong, healthy and happy community.

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