Faith plays a pivotal role in our society. Many churches exist not as closed gatherings; but as communities with a deep concern for everyone living in their neighbourhood.

These communities were encouraged to tell their story, and asked, ‘What does a Good Society mean to you?’

What has emerged are many great projects that illustrate a dedication to caring for others, and a commitment to solid community-building.

Their voices provide a challenge to the accepted role of faith and the Church in seeking the common good.

A Good Society emerges as a place that re-builds the spirit by offering hope. It integrates different generations and faiths, and models healthy ways of living and being.

It re-builds communities by solving conflicts creatively, and provides practical resources.

Faith groups and leaders are expected to stand for values, rather than fundamentals.

They are asked to become voices of truth and integrity, rather than holders of power. They are challenged to see their buildings as places of sanctuary.

The Good Society project listened to the voices of those who are rarely heard. And this is what they had to say.


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